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UnitusTI and Socky platform

UnitusTI and Socky platform each provides the best tools and environment for learners and clients, through automated cloud-based technologies, and complement each other in synergistic collaboration.

Therapists, providers, and educators on UnitusTI are able to launch, with a single click, an interactive digital Socky session with a learner, and adapt any session to the learner’s specific needs and status.

What is UnitusTI?

UnitusTI is an electronic data record management system and curriculum server that allows educators and therapists the ability to: 

  • Create & Customize assessments and curricula

  • Manage Data Acquisition, Graphs, and Reporting

  • Professionalize your practice

  • Automate administrative functions, program execution, data analysis, and tracking

  • Standardize staff operations and communications

  • Communicate instantly with parents and providers

  • Secure client records and control access to client information

  • Access pre-defined, ready to run curriculum solutions

  • Disaster Recovery backups and recovery program at the ready

  • Global Access increases the reach of your practice to anywhere, day or night

How does it work?

To use UnitusTI & Socky, at first login through UnitusTI system, sign up for the Socky programs, and right away Socky Session Creator can be used inside UnitusTI cloud system in the Programs section. You can start using existing  programs from our library or create your own programs using "Socky Session Creator." Therapists and educators can automate their workflow, with Socky’s help, according to their treatment goals. Once a 'session' is built it can be used with additional children as well. The programs can run automatically on the child’s device with the therapist supervision and guidance.

Our advanced native Socky mobile apps were specially crafted to create an engaging and playful experience for children while performing programs and reaching their goals.

When a program is running on the child’s iPad or any mobile device, reporting is built-in in the app and allows the therapist to focus on the actual intervention (to make it simple - eliminating the need for pen and paper). The results sent to UnitsTI system and compared with the pre-set goals to establish progress reports.

The mobile app automatically tracks and measures the progress of each step and while the program is running the therapist’s team can follow up on progress online and manage the administrative work plan.


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