A world of possibilities
Unique interface for the child and the adult

An app that opens a whole new world of possibilities for you and your child.

Over 3000 (and growing) rich illustrations to choose from 

Text-to-speech enabled for each and every word you write

Full IM experience for adults to feel right at home

Supports smartphones &tablets

Keeps track of your child’s progress through time

Friends and family members can also enjoy the experience

Many features that help your child initiate interactions

Highly secure and private

Made with love by a growing

community of parents & children


What can Socky do?

Send messages to your child in an intuitive visual and vocal mutiple-choice manner

Can take any form that your child prefers (Coming soon)

Acts as a link from your child's social environment to develop better communication

Has the ability to interact with your child via mini-games, animations, preset questions and more!

Can save your family a considerable amount of money a year otherwise spent on programs and therapists

Provide your child with ideas that enhance initiative to communicate with you and your family

Introduces your child to the world of mobile communication

Dual interface concept

Adult Interface

Child Interface


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