What is Socky

The socky digital platform is specially crafted for ABA therapists and educators for kids with ASD. The platform makes it easier than ever to create ABA programs, run them automatically with the child, therapist and parents devices, track progress, coordinate and communicate instantly with everybody involved.

What Socky can do? 

For the first time, instead of creating therapy programs by preparing categories pictures and reports manually, the platform allows to use an existing ABA program or to customize programs and sessions in the system. You can create automated ABA programs for academic, social, communication skills and even more. These sessions are carefully prepared to provide children a guided and interactive experience. Once the interactive therapy program finishes, all performance and scores will be presented automatically in the clinic’s reporting system. 

The socky digital platform directly addresses the ability to shorten the wait list by helping a single therapist to treat a greater number of children more efficiently and with better results.


Our special sauce

The socky platform aims to create an engaging experience for children with ASD and help therapists save much time by driving automatic progress. The platform’s API allows EHR providers to curate and generates ABA programs and session automatically in their existing systems.


The behavioral team can now have more time to focus on the clients and making progress while tending to more families in need for therapy.


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